Beautiful. Regardless of age.

Enjoy 10% off everything our store!

Beautiful.   Regardless of Age.

Enjoy 10% off everything our store!


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Enhance Trio

"You only need three easy-to use multisticks that will replace many others at home AND bring out your best features! Mature makeup is all about keeping it radiant and fresh looking, just enhancing what you already got!" 

- Maria from Brisbane


Every woman looks her best when she’s happy. For that reason, these three Multi Sticks are designed to give you that healthy dewy skin, a flush of colour, and natural vivacity. Replace your entire makeup bag with these little sticks. (And enjoy six different cosmetics.)


Choose what's  best fit for you...

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Enhance Blush

"I LOVE ease of using the 3 sticks for just the right amount of colour and glow. They're so compact and easy to travel with. Can't wait to show my friends!"

- Lisa from Sydney

Give your look an instant boost!

Enhance Blush is the all-in-one makeup stick that every woman needs in her beauty arsenal. Whether you're looking to add a pop of color to your cheeks, lips, or eyes, this multitasking stick has you covered. 

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Enhance Glow

"I wish I knew about Enhance. I'm 68 and this is so easy for me. No more filled up makeup bag and looking like Halloween." 

- Margret from Sydney

Moisturize any area of your body in less than a minute

Introducing our most popular all natural moisturizer in a convenient stick form! This light, easy-to-carry moisturizer fits neatly in your purse, glove compartment or anywhere else.

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Enhance Shine

"All my beauty clutter has been replaced with the Enhance trio! I literally don’t need anything else to look and feel beautiful." 

- Jackie from Melbourne

good for  health and skin

Looking for a little extra sparkle in your life? Enhance Shine is here to help! With its natural pearlescent sheen, this easy-to-carry stick can be dabbed on anywhere for an instant touch of glamor.