Enhance Shine

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Looking for a little extra sparkle in your life? Enhance Shine is here to help! With its natural pearlescent sheen, this easy-to-carry stick can be dabbed on anywhere for an instant touch of glamor.

Wake Up & Face The World With A Touch Of Glamor

Whether you're dressing up for a night out or just accenting your everyday look, Enhance Shine is the perfect way to add some extra va-va-voom to your appearance. Apply Enhance Shine's pearlescent stick on your eyelids, cheeks, brow bone or anywhere else to enhance your natural radiance. 

A Touch Of Radiance In Every Swipe

An easy-to-carry 6g stick in a stylish minimalistic casing, Enhance Shine has been specifically designed to accentuate any woman's natural radiance so they can always look their best whenever and wherever they need to.

You Deserve The Spotlight!

Enhance Shine gives you that little extra sparkle in your life. When used, it leaves a natural pearlescent sheen. Enhance Shine is perfect for use during the day or night and can be dabbed on anywhere - no matter what your routine is like, Enhance Shine will add that extra luster!