7 Makeup Tips For Older Women

7 Makeup Tips For Older Women

A good makeup goal should be to enhance the person’s natural beauty.
A look that’s pleasing to the person and one that transcends trends.
Sometimes women push the envelope of what looks good and what's not.

What Makeup Works On Mature Skin

Makeup has its place and it can produce fantastic results when utilized well. Here are the tricks and trends for a great makeup look.

1. Use a good moisturizer under your foundation (if you wear one).
This will keep your foundation from settling in the creases and fine lines. We recommend using Enhance glow for this step.

2. Next is to prime the skin with an SPF that has no white cast.
We encourage using sun protection no matter your age. Also, most primers in the market have blurring polymers to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Leave on for a few minutes to let it absorb into the skin.

3. Choose a cream based foundation and not a powdered one as it will add texture to the skin.
Use a foundation brush first and dab on the excess using a makeup sponge to go over and blend everything as well as picking up excess product .

4. Add back some definition and radiance to the face by using a bronzer, target areas like the forehead, below the cheekbones and the jawline.
We recommend using the Enhance Blush for this step, which by the way can also be used as a lipstick and blush. Lightly dab and blend it with your fingers, it's as easy as that! Enhance Blush is the perfect accessory for your makeup bag. It not only adds depth and definition, but also makes you look more alive with its warm glow! That natural sun-kissed skin we all strive towards? This product will make it happen!

5. To prevent your eye makeup from looking cakey we advise that less is more, especially when using cream concealers as your eye makeup base.

6. Apply your blush on the upper cheekbone area to bring back that colour and sun-kissed blush tones you naturally have . Enhance Blush is perfect for this!

7. To finish your look add a little glimmer.
Using a highlighter to the areas of the face you want there to be a glow such as the cheekbones, on the high points of the nose, brow bone and your cupid's bow to add volume to the lips. Use Enhance Shine for a quick add of shimmer and you’re out the door in no time!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the saying goes. But when it comes to makeup for enhancing your appearance, industry experts say social media postings or advertisements of attractive people can skew a woman’s perspective and expectations. To help you wade through the noise, here are seven makeup tips for older women.